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Message from Top Management

Message From Top Management

Daiichi Medical, Japanese leading manufacturer on ENT field, has over 60 years experience in developing and manufacturing quality medical equipment which satisfies the specialized needs of ENT professionals.

Our corporate strategy is built around two concepts. One is “continuation” of 60 years of success and building up expert know-how as one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of ENT medical equipment.
On the other hand, we also strive to embrace “innovation” and respond flexibly to drastically changing medical needs. Achieving the best balance between “continuation” and “innovation” is key to Daiichi Medical’s vision for creating the best future for our company and our customers.

Our two most important corporate goals are to increase product development and grow our international business. For product development, we will conduct comprehensive market research to address new medical needs and meet these needs with our know-how in making quality products and providing a stable product supply.

To grow our international business, we will focus on the market needs as well as regulatory compliance, sales methods, medical insurance system, and competitor situation in each country.

Business is people. Realization of any vision only comes from the power of each individual member. Our company has grown thanks to the efforts and imagination of all members. From now and into the future, we will keep in mind the balance between “continuation” and “innovation” and continue growing with the power of all members.

Masaaki Hayashi
President and CEO